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AFFILIATE POLICY: What is your relationship to affiliates—that is, companies that pay you a commission on orders obtained through your site?  We enter into affiliate relationships only with companies whose products we use—and value— in our own work.

COMMENTS: What is your policy on posting reading reactions? We know that there is vast knowledge in the community, and we welcome your comments, suggestions, questions, and criticisms. However, we oppose personal attacks, snide comments,  and off-topic remarks. For this reason, we moderate all comments prior to publishing them. If you find any comment objectionable, please contact us at  info@mobilemoviemaking.com

FREE SUBSCRIPTION: Why do you give away your magazine?  Having a large readership is the key to the success of our business.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: What is your policy about posting material covered by copyright?  As copyright holders ourselves, we oppose infringing on the intellectual property rights of anyone. We ask our contributors to secure permission to use material exhibited here, for example, copyrighted music. While we cannot police every submission, we will remove any video or text that violates anyone’s copyright or other protection.

MOBILE DEFINED: What do you consider to be a mobile camera?   We primarily focus on videos shot using smartphones and tablets. But we also will post videos taken using the GoPro.

RATINGS: What limits do you have on video content posted in MobileMovieMaking?
Videos should have a rating no higher than PG13 as determined by our staff. This means no nudity, extreme violence, or excessive adult language. Also, we prohibit speech meant to denigrate any group.

SUBMISSIONS: How can I submit an article or a video to MobileMovieMaking? Before submitting anything, please read our editorial guidelines. When you’re ready to submit, contact us at info@mobilemoviemaking.com.





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