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Let Us Showcase Your Mobile Movies

We’re all about democratizing video production. We believe that anyone can produce a short video that’s worth watching. You don’t have to be a Spielberg or a Lucas. The three equired ingredients: a few key skills, imagination, and the desire to make a film that entertains or teaches or both.

To help novices get started and help experienced moviemakers achieve better results, MobileMovieMaking Magazine publishes tips, hosts challenging contests, and–this is where you come in–exhibits videos that illustrate useful techniques and that inspire effort. That’s why we’d like to showcase your mobile movies.

We cover all genres including citizen journalism, documentaries, instructional videos, music videos, narrative films, travelogues, and vblogs. If you want to share a well-made video shot with a mobile, please contact us. We’ll screen your work, and if we think it will resonate with our viewers, we’ll feature it on our home page.

We don’t pay for videos that we exhibit, but we will promote your website, Facebook page, or any other online venue. You’ll retain all rights to your material.

Contact us at info@mobilemoviemaking.com



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