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“MobileMovieMaking” Editorial Guidelines

Our mission is to advance mobile moviemaking. Specifically, we want to  help people use smartphones and tablets to make videos worth watching. We cover all genres including fiction movies, documentaries, trailers, commercials, and web series. Our readership will include novices, students, and professionals.

Most pieces that we’ll publish will fit into one of the following categories:

  • Genre tips (e.g., how to make a documentary or music video)
  • Production techniques (e.g., hints on cinematography, sound recording, or editing)
  • Behind-the-scenes narratives (information on the making  of a video)
  • Reviews of hardware and apps

Articles will usually feature a short video (typically 1 to 3 minutes) that either teaches a skill or illustrates a concept (e.g., an article about slow-motion might be accompanied by a video that uses slow motion to tell a story). Preferably videos will be posted at vimeo.com (so as to avoid commercials) but we can link to youtube.com.

Because many subscribers will read MobileMovieMaking online, the text accompanying each article must be brief. In-depth information can be provided via links.

Writing Details:

  • Length: 50-300 words (there will be exceptions)
  • Style: casual, clear, and personal; humor can be plus
  • Art: in addition to the featured video, there may be illustrative photos or drawings
  • Links: one or a few for those who want to learn more

Comments from readers will be permitted at the discretion of the author.

At this point, we are not paying fees for articles, but we will promote your website, video, channel, book, or other resource.

To pitch a story idea, write info@mobilemoviemaking.com

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