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MobileMovieMaking enthusiastically recommends Online Video Contests (OVC) for filmmakers who like the excitement of competing for prizes. OVC has supported our magazine since the beginning. But the main reason that we promote OVC is that it really is the best place to learn about every kind of video contest. If you visit their site, we hope you’ll come back here and post a comment–especially if you win a prize!

Here’s how OVC describes their service and background:


What We Do

Online Video Contests is the #1 Video Contest aggregation site on the Internet! We are a resource for filmmakers, directors, animators, and amateur video enthusiasts to easily find (and win) video contests.

We’re also the top place for marketers, social media strategists, small companies, and big brands to get the word out about their contests. You need creative content and video submissions? Let us help you promote to the perfect audience!
Our History

Founded in late 2006, Online Video Contests is the brainchild of Justin Johnson. The OVC domain was first acquired on a whim, but quickly grew into a place for Justin to share video contests with his circle of online video buddies.

As technology made it easier than ever to post and share videos online, more and more people across the globe have taken an interest in picking up a camera and learning how to create content. OVC has helped them along the way to hone their skills and earn cash + prizes.

Today, we are proud to offer a wide array of user features that make it easy for people to quickly decide which contests are right for them. Whether you’re a big brand, a film school expert, or the guy down the street, OVC is the perfect place for you.

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