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A Scary Movie Trailer for a Scary Horror Short

A movie trailer has just one purpose: to make viewers want to see the film. Over the years, moviemakers have used many techniques to accomplish that goal. They’ve included verbal messages like “Unforgettable.” They’ve focused on the stars. They’ve even had the director speak to the audience, a favorite Hitchcock gimmick. And then there’s the “overwhelm them” method used brilliantly by Spanish filmmaker Alfonso Garcia to promote his prize-winning short horror film “iMedium.”

In the trailer for his 6-minute horror movie iMedium, director Alfonso Garcia dazzles viewers with more than 30 images in 41 seconds. The result is a nightmare-like experience, a perfect way to promote a film to people who like intensely frightening movies.

The actual short was an Official Selection at the 2017 Cinephone Smartphone Shortfilm Festival in Barcelona. It won the Best International Short prize at the prestigious Fantasia 2017 Film Festival in Montreal. Eric Kohn included it in an IndieWire article “5 Amazing New Genre Films.”

More recently, “iMedium” screened at the 4th annual FilmQuest Festival in Provo, Utah.

If you’d like to know more about the filmmaker, you can read MobileMovieMaking’s interview with him about his single-location sci-fi thriller “The Cloud.”

The trailer for “iMedium” has been chosen as a Mobile Movie of the Week.

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