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Enter Silent Movie Contest

Your challenge: Tell a story—fictional or factual—using no spoken or printed dialogue or narration. Music and sound effects are permitted. The movie can use a contemporary style or it can be shot simulating old-time movies using an App such as the “Silent Film Director App.”

There’s no fee to enter the contest, whose top prize is a nifty lens set from olloclip, Here’s a shot of an olloclip lens attached to an iPhone.

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The deadline is August 31, 2014.  Please read all the Rules (below) before entering. Then complete the quick Entry Form.

To see the current entries visit the SILENT MOVIE CONTEST section of our Virtual Theater: HERE

Send questions to info@MobileMovieMaking.com


1. EQUIPMENT: Your entry must be shot on a smartphone, tablet, or GoPro.  You may edit the video using a computer or any other device.

2. DURATION: Your silent movie must run no more than 10 minutes, including title and credits. Shorter videos are acceptable.

3. WORDS: Except for the title and credits—and props such as newspapers or T-shirts—there may be no words—spoken or printed .

4. CONTENT: The video may not promote any commercial entity nor denigrate any racial, ethnic, gender, or religious group. In our team’s opinion the video may be rated no higher than PG13 (no nudity and no profane language of the sort bleeped on “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart).

5. ORIGINALITY: At least 80% of the visuals must be taken by you or your team. You may use up to 20% “stock footage,” for example, clips obtained via our Clip Exchange. However, all video must be shot using a mobile device.

6. COPYRIGHT: You must have written permission for any copyrighted music or other protected material.

7. HOSTING YOUR VIDEO: Prior to submitting your entry, you must upload your video to Vimeo.com or YouTube.com and set it to “public.” We prefer Vimeo because posting there avoids commercials.

8. PRIZES: Our in-house jury will choose the winners. The top winner will receive an OlloClip set worth about $100. Three runners-up  will receive copies of Moviemaking Illustrated. The jury’s decision is final. We reserve the right to add additional prizes. If we do, we will announce them in our home page “News” section and on this page. All prizes will be awarded.

9. ELIGIBILITY: This contest is open to people of all ages and in all locations except for inhabitants of places where  the U.S. prohibits this kind of contest. Our team, advisors, and sponsors may not enter this contest. If you are not old enough to make a contract (typically 18 years of age in the U.S.) your or guardian must be identified in the entry form.

10. OWNERSHIP:  You retain all rights to your video but grant MobileMovieMaking permission to display your video on our site and on our companion sites (e.g., Facebook and our YouTube channel). You also permit us to use your video in MobileMovieMaking promotions.

11.  DEADLINE: Midnight, August 31, 2014, Pacific Coast Time, USA.


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