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aerial photography

Directing a Child Narrator in a Documentary

While film is primarily a visual medium, the sound track’s contribution can be immense. Think of the haunting themes in movies such as “The Godfather” and “Chariots of Fire.” Or—as an experiment—watch the “Psycho” shower scene with the sound turned off. If you prefer a more current example, here is “Flying With Nature,” which won the top prize…

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Drone’s Eye View: Aerial Photography in the 21st Century

In 1858, French photographer Gaspart-Felis Tournachon invented aerial photography. by shooting photos of Paris from a balloon. Unfortunately, those pictures no longer exist. But we do have an aerial image taken two years later by James Wallace Black. He titled his picture “Boston, as the Eagle and the Wild Goose See It.” A hundred and…

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“MKE Lagoon”: aerial cinematography with a GoPro

Aerial photography isn’t new. A French photographer Gaspar-Felix Tournachon took the first still photos from a ballon in 1858. Half a century later, in 1909, an unknown German cameraman shot the first aerial movie—”Wilbur Wright ind seine Flugmaschine.” By the 1920s, Hollywood moviemakers were producing spectacular aerial footage that featured everything from wing walkers to dramatic crashes.…

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