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Casey Neistat

Did Casey Neistat Really Soar in a Human Flying Drone?

Hollywood filmmakers have long obeyed the rule: “Viewers will believe anything if they see it.” And so we’ve been treated to marauding dinosaurs, exploding planets, and high speed chases the wrong way on superhighways. Yet when YouTube superstar Casey Neistat posted a video titled “ Human Flying Drone,” some among the 9.5 million viewers suspected that the stunt—shot…

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Vlog Within a Game

Back in the twentieth century only a few people got to share their ideas using video. These included news commentators like Edward R. Murrow and stand-up comedians like Bob Hope. But the digital media revolution has changed all that. These days anyone with a mobile device and something to say can star in a vlog (video log). And now Mika, a German…

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Casey Neistat’s Philosophy of Mobile Moviemaking

During the 2017 Oscars, Samsung ran a commercial–“Do What You Can’t.” Created by and starring Casey Neistat, in 60 seconds the video sums up the YouTube star’s philosophy of mobile moviemaking. Neistat’s words and the images qualify as a rallying cry for grassroots moviemakers around the world. Among other things, Neistat’s proclaims:” It’s not the size of the production…

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