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iPhone comedy

“Hobby Horse” Wins at the Original iPhone Film Festival 2014

Jeremy Hurlburt’s “Hobby Horse,” a story of neglected dreams, has won the Grand Prize at The Original iPhone Film Festival for 2014-15. The short film was shot using both an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 6. http://iphonefilmmaker.com/our-videos/hobby-horse-fiction/ During the production Hurlburt used FiLMic Pro and an OlloClip wide-angle lens. The film demonstrates the use of cinema verite in…

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“The Run”: the art of the chase

This short iPhone movie by  Ettore Nicoletti demonstrates one of key techniques of the classic chase scene: the lead character at first does not know she is being stalked. In a kind of homage to  O. Henry, there’s a comic twist in the end.  

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The Dhal Burglar

In this comedy, featured at the 2014 Mobil Film Festival, a young girl gets caught stealing bowls of dhal, but all for a good purpose. This short, by award-winning writer/director/creative director Eran Thomson, features an intriguing chase scene with a very large payoff! “The Dhal Burglar” was Eran’s first mobile short, made “whilst on holiday”…

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“Captain Justice”: when comedy meets fantasy

Spanish filmmaker David Muñoz has been making short films for the last 13 years, always mixing  comedy,   fantasy and sci-fi as in “”Captain Justice,” which won first prize in the 2014 Mobil Film Festival. The movie was shot on an iPhone 4 and a Sony Xperia. Of the many elements in this complex short,…

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