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Luis Mendes

Four horror film ingredients in “13th Floor”

In “13th Floor” Luis Mendes combines  four horror film ingredients to evoke a sense of dread. Mendes, a prize-winning mobile moviemaker, demonstrates that techniques found in feature-length horror movies work equally well in short form storytelling. Here are the ingredients that make “13th Floor” scary: 1. Ordinary location: A familiar place lowers the audience’s guard, making the horror more powerful.…

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“Short Weekend on Rio”: a quick course in the art of the travelogue

In a minute and a half, Luis Mendes—founder of MiniMov— creates a memorable video postcard  of Rio.  But even more exciting–for those of us who want to document our travels, “Short Weekend” offers a comprehensive lesson in what makes a travelogue that’s worth watching.

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“AntiZica 2014”: a skateboard movie from Brazil

Luis Mendes is the founder of MiniMov, a blog devoted to all aspects of mobile moviemaking. Based in Brazil, Luis is also an accomplished filmmaker. We interviewed him about his recently completed skateboard mini-documentary “AntiZica.”

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