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mobil film festival

“The Fixer”: a study in editing (and a lot more)

If you have any doubts about achieving high quality production values with a mobile device, watch this movie. The movie, shot using an iPhone, was directed by Conrad Mess. The version featured here was edited down to 3:00 to qualify for the 2012 Mobil Film Festival, which it won! The video gives you plenty to…

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Behind the Scenes at the International Mobil Film Festival

A key factor in the mobile moviemaking revolution is the advent of festivals that showcase works shot with smartphones and tablets. At the forefront of this development is the International Mobil Film Festival. Begun in 2010 and based in San Diego, California, it was one of the first such festivals to exhibit mobile movies in…

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The Dhal Burglar

In this comedy, featured at the 2014 Mobil Film Festival, a young girl gets caught stealing bowls of dhal, but all for a good purpose. This short, by award-winning writer/director/creative director Eran Thomson, features an intriguing chase scene with a very large payoff! “The Dhal Burglar” was Eran’s first mobile short, made “whilst on holiday”…

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“Captain Justice”: when comedy meets fantasy

Spanish filmmaker David Muñoz has been making short films for the last 13 years, always mixing  comedy,   fantasy and sci-fi as in “”Captain Justice,” which won first prize in the 2014 Mobil Film Festival. The movie was shot on an iPhone 4 and a Sony Xperia. Of the many elements in this complex short,…

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“Lisbon. Live”: a wordless homage to a great city

Inspired by Wim Winders “ Lisbon Story,” Maxim Mussel’s five-minute documentary captures many of  Lisbon’s elements including food, music, the people, and a romantic trolley. The very important part of Lisbon atmosphere is a street sounds, wind whispering and peoples talking and Iphone reflects all the sounds perfectly. This wordless piece, filled with  powerful close-ups,…

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“Himalayan Tsunami”: a grassroots news report

In 2013, Indian filmmaker Shiva Prasad was trapped in a Himalayan tsunami. Having survived the onslaught, Shiva documented the catastrophe using his Samsung  GT-N7100. This experiment in spontaneous reportage earned him Second Place in the 2014 Mobil Film Festival. Shiva was born in Rajahmundry, a holy town in the eastern part of India. He writes:…

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