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mobile journalism

Interview Audio in a Mini-doc

Wytse Vellinga’s  mini-doc “Cleaning Up Other People’s Mess”  illustrates nine easy-to-do but powerful techniques . In just under two minutes, you will see an approach that will enable you to add drama to almost any biographical featurette. The nine classic techniques are: starting with a close-up (the car) breaking a single action into separate shots for visual variety…

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Smartphone Video for Local Journalism

Tune in to just about any traditional TV news program and the chances are you’ll see a horrific train crash or other frightening catastrophe. This kind of news illustrates the old saying ” If it bleeds, it leads.” The calamity may have happened on the other side of the world. It may have no direct…

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Periscope as a Constructive Technology

Experts talk about how new technologies are disruptive. Think of the impact of Uber on the taxicab industry. But often the results are such that we should be talking about  constructive technology. Case in point: This week the leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives shut down TV coverage of the opposition party’s protest. In response, smartphone-wielding protesters resumed coverage using…

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Mobile Journalism Is Not About Monetization

You may have heard that Tribune Publishing, which owns the Los Angeles Times and many other newspapers, has rebranded itself as tronc (Tribune Online Content). tronc (the lowercase “t”  is the corporate spelling) brags that it will strengthen journalism by multiplying the amount of video used to tell stories and by relying on artificial intelligence (AI) to create links.  The ultimate…

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MojoCon 2015 through a journalist’s eyes

MojoCon Ireland was the first international conference devoted to mobile journalism, filmmaking, and photography. Alison Gow was one of the journalists who used modern methods to cover the event.

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MojoCon Conference to Explore Mobile Journalism & More

On March 27 and 28, filmmakers, photographers, journalists, and storytellers from around the world will meet in Dublin, Ireland, for MojoCon–the first international conference focusing on mobile journalism, mobile filmmaking and mobile photography all in one event. The conference motto: “The future is mobile, the future is now.” You can find a list of speakers here.…

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