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The Secret of Making a Mobile Movie Parody

If you want to produce a funny video but aren’t sure how to get people to laugh, try making a movie parody.  The idea is to poke fun at someone or a group. Kemp Baldwin’s “Bindle Bros.” can be your text. This four-minute faux documentary—an entry in the 2017 Disposable Film Festival—is a clever send-up of the Mast brothers, celebrated for their artisan chocolates.

The first step in making mobile movie parodies is to pick subjects that the culture honors. It’s even better if the subjects take themselves seriously. (Think of the Emperor in the “Emperor’s New Clothes.”)

But what is the secret to get laughs? You have to treat the subjects seriously. There can be no winking or mugging.  And that’s what filmmaker Kemp Baldwin has done. The two Bindle brothers act exactly like the Mast Brothers, captured here.

Of course, there’s more to it than attitude. As with any movie, the pleasure is in the details. View “Bindle Bros.” more than once, and take note of all the little things: the consistency of the lead actors, the variety of the bit players, the design of the props, and the choice of locations. It takes as much dedicated filmmaking to be funny as to be dramatic. Maybe more.

You can see other videos by Kemp Baldwin here.

Want another example of a parody focused on the Mast Brothers? Here you go:

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The goal of the Mobile Movie of the Week series is to showcase the variety of quality work being done around the world and in all genres. If you know of a movie that we should honor–or if you’ve made one yourself–let us know by writing info@mobilemoviemaking.com.

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