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The Three-in-One Blended Music Video

The history of the music video goes back farther than you might think. According to music video historians—ah yes,, there are historians of everything—in 1894, sheet music publishers Edward B. Marks and Joe Stern produced a magic lantern slide show to promote their song, “The Little Lost Child.” According to a Wikipedia article, the advent of sound movies in 1926 gave rise to live action and animated shorts that soon contained all the elements found in today’s music videos.

Of the thousands of music-promoting movies since then,most fit into one of three categories: narratives that illustrate the lyrics, performances in concert halls or in outside world, and recording sessions.

Eric Orange’s music video “Say I Won’t”—the Grand Prize winner of this year’s Original iPhone Film Festival— cleverly combines all three forms. Featuring Meredith Crawford and the Backhand Band, the video tells the story of a put-upon woman who steals her violent lover’s money to get a guitar so that she can sing about her life. In addition to that narrative strand, there’s a performance of the song sung in places where the protagonist lives. And finally, we witness the recording of the song—or at least, a simulated home studio session.

Commenting about his video, the director writes, “I went to high school with Meredith and was always amazed by her voice. She’s working on an EP now with her band. I’m truly excited to work with her on the project.”

“Say I Won’t” was shot on an iPhone 6 with a Moondog Labs anamorphic lens adapter.

You can find more about the band here.


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