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“No Spain No Gain” Wins FiLMiC Pro Experimental Film Prize

Flip Stovall’s “No Spain No Gain” won first place in the Experimental Film category in this year’s  FiLMiCPro Short Film Contest: Tangerine Dreams.  Shot using an iPhone 6 plus the FiLMiC Pro camera app,  the video follows the exploits of three young skateboarders.

Experimental film has a long history, reaching back to the 1920s.  A key feature in the movement is the use of surprising visuals.  In Stovall’s video, for example, we have the use of the fisheye lens. There are also sequences in which the camera travels seemingly just for the joy of motion, paralleling the activity of the skateboarders.

You can see more of Stovall’s work here.

You’ll find news of winners in other categories @filmicpro

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