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An indie film company shares practical moviemaking lessons

There are obvious differences between a Hollywood feature film production and an indie short project. What’s not obvious are the similarities. Just about all the creative opportunities open to a Spielberg are there for the mobile moviemaker who wants to delight an audience.

A case is point is the everyday experience of Boston-based Waverley Knobs Entertainment. This small but ambitious film company has the motto:  “Everyone has a story, and we want to assist them in telling it!” In addition to serving clients by creating business profiles, music videos, and promotional videos, Waverley Knobs makes its own movies.

In the following self-directed interview, the company’s three principals–Evin Anderson, Tatiana Ivan, and Alex Grant–take us behind-the-scenes of “The Heist,” a four-minute comedy shot–and lit!–using LG V10 smartphones.

The three filmmakers discuss a wide variety of topics including  location scouting, lighting, directing, editing, and music. If you have questions, please post them in the comments. There’s a good chance answers will be forthcoming.

The interview begins with the opening scenes of “The Heist.” If you want to see the entire movie, here it is.


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